Please find the latest information on route diversions and accommodations below. Use the print button above to print the updates and take your prints with you while cycling our route.

For extensive information on taking bicycles on trains and barriers on the way, check the Cycling for all section of our website.

The United Kingdom is in lock-down due to the The Covid-19 outbreak. Although individual cycling is allowed, it is currently not feasible to embark on a full-on cycling holiday. There are many restrictions on travelling and lodging. Also, when visiting from abroad, you may be required to go into quarantine on arrival before starting your cycling holiday, staying in one place. If you consider a bike trip in the United Kingdom in the 2021 summer season, we recommend referring to the official authorities and checking with all required service providers on their Covid-19 policies prior to travel.

Are you travelling from any EU-country into the United Kingdom? European identity cards are no longer accepted by UK border control. You'll need a full passport to enter the United Kingdom. EU-nationals do not need a Visa for holidays in the United Kingdom, but this arrangement is due for review from 2022. Note EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is no longer valid in the UK. Acquire full travel insurance including medical cover before travelling. For further advice on new Brexit regulations, refer to the official authorities and guidance from your ferry operator and/or airline.

Note, from 2016 it is compulsory to make bike reservations for the long-distance GWR-trains between Penzance and London Paddington.

If you are joining our route in Harwich (coming from Hook of Holland by ferry), please be aware that the railway between Rotterdam and Hook of Holland has reopened as a metro line. To reach Hook of Holland by train, change the Dutch train network at Schiedam-Centrum onto the metro. You can also cycle from Delft station to Hook of Holland (approx 20 km) or use Dutch long distance cycle routes LF1 or LF12.  

GPS-tracks users, please note we have now version V4 in operation. If you own version V1, V2 or V3, please contact us to be eligible for a free upgrade

Note that due to increased security, it is often not possible to store luggage at museums and other attractions, such as Windsor Castle. If you wish to visit busy, high-profile attractions, we recommend you to stay in an accommodation nearby and store your luggage there. If you decide to leave luggage on your bike while visiting a busy, high-profile attraction, we do not recommend to park your bike and luggage nearby, as it could get removed by security!


London Connections Route A:

The cycle path in Hyde Park (see map) is now on the east side of the road only. To cross the A402 it is now also possible to travel slightly further west (via Westbourne St), a new cycle path is available there. Via a paved area, this path links with Bathurst St, which leads to Gloucester Square. GPS-tracks pack V-4 (release date 25 May 2017) uses this improved route (it is also still possible to use the old route as shown in the guidebook). 

London Connections Route B:

There are some great design improvements introduced on the congested Torrington Place - Tavistock Place route; follow the new lay-out in place and just keep going straight on until you are on Ampton Street.  

Route 3: Rochester - Woolwich:

20.0 km: The first cycle path (smooth left turn) is temporarily closed. Follow the official Route 1 signs, with the cycle route next to the main road, to rejoin the route after 22.7 km. This route is marked with a dotted line on the map on page 40. 

Route 4: Harwich - Maldon:

67.1 km:  Ignore signs route at this junction, pointing straight on. It takes you onto a road where you'll be exposed to fast moving traffic for a considerable amount of time. Cycling is better on the guide book route, so just turn right according to the guide book's directions.

Route 5: Maldon - Woolwich:

44.0 km: The road leading through the Navestock Heath area is actually called Murthering Lane (not Havering Lane as shown in the guidebook)

49.2 km: We have created a new route between Stapleford Abbotts and Hainault via Hainault Forest to improve your experience (less motorised traffic!). GPS-tracks pack V-4 (release date 25 May 2017) uses this improved route (it is also still possible to use the old route as shown in the guidebook):

49.2 km: At T-jct turn, instead of turning right, turn left (to Havering). This is a busy main road, use footpaths as needed (this main road can still not be avoided and is the nastiest road you'll encounter on your journey into London).

50.6 km: In Havering atte-Bower, after pub The Royal Oak, take 1st rd right (see village green with church), then immediately first road right (Bower Farm Rd)

51.6 km: At end of tarmac rd, straight on via gravel rd

52.5 km: Follow bend to the right (see sign "to Hainault Forest Country Park")

52.9 km: 1st gravel path left (over wide "must-lift" barrier), into Hainault Forest

53.9 km: Keep following main gravel path straight on (to Camelot Car Pk)

54.5 km: After barrier, follow well-graded gravel path sharp to the left (to Camelot Car Pk)

54.6 km: At four-way jct of paths, turn left (to Lake and Cafe), then 1st path right (to Hainault, FB NO 43), follow the right branch of this route (without any gates), keep straight on

56.2 km: At end of path (over wide "must lift" barrier), dismount and very carefully cross main rd, then right on pavement on other side, after 20m join quiet lay-by rd on that side of the main rd

56.4 km: At give-way jct, turn left (Manford Wy)

56.5 km: At T-jct right (Brocket Wy); you are now rejoining the route in the book (see 56.3 km on page 51; the new route above is 200m longer)

58.5 km: The gate at the end of the road is only open during day time. Avoid cycling this section during the hours of dawn and dusk, not to mention in the dark, as you won't be able to pass through! 

59.1 km: The layout of the paths in Fairlop Waters Country Park has changed (grass paths as depicted on page 51 have been gravelled). Use the new directions below:

59.1 km: At end of sports fields, turn right on busy road, at rndabt imm left (into Fairlop Waters Country Park), then imm cross road to the right and join gravel path on right side of the road/car pk

59.7 km: At jct of gravel paths, turn left via gravel path (to Barkingside)

60.2 km: After long, wide bend to the right, turn left (see sign "Horse Ride and Footpath to Painters Road"), at gate, dismount and walk through all three gates, shutting all gates behind you. Note these gates are only open during day time now. Avoid cycling this section during the hours of dawn and dusk, not to mention in the dark, as you won't be able to pass through! 

60.6 km: Resume cycling via directions as in the guidebook

64.2 km: We have created a new route between Seven Kings and Barking to improve your experience (less motorised traffic!). GPS-tracks pack V-4 (release date 25 May 2017) uses this improved route (it is also still possible to use the old route as shown in the guidebook):

64.2 km: At cross rds, cross busy main rd straight on (Bletchworth Rd)

64.4 km: Take 1st rd left (Esher Rd)

64.7 km: At T-jct, turn right

65.1 km: In sharp bend to the right, take 2nd road to the left (smooth left turn, Meadway)

65.6 km: At 2nd "give way jct", turn right (see sign on corner "Meadway 70-2A")

66.0 km: At T-jct, turn left onto busier road, imm after bus stop "Ashburton Avenue" on right side of rd, turn right via via driveway/wide tarmac path

66.1 km: At sign "no entry except council service vehicles" rejoin the route in the book (see 65.7 km on page 52; the new route is 400m longer)

67.3 km: We have created a new route between Barking and Woolwich via a better crossing of the Northern Circular Road, also avoiding the infamous "Barking" barrier. GPS-tracks pack V-4 (release date 25 May 2017) uses this improved route (it is also still possible to use the old route as shown in the guidebook):

67.3 km: On railway viaduct, keep straight on via footpath on right side of road; give way to pedestrians!

67.5 km: At jct with lhts, resume cycling by turning left, crossing the busy main road, onto North St (see "Gurdwara Singh" building on your left)

67.8 km: At jct with lhts, straight on, then after 100m, use zebra crossing to join wide pavement on right side of the rd, then opposite shopping street Barking (East St), make a smooth right onto the path across the park, keep straight on

68.3 km: At end of the park (opposite building "Town Quay Wharf"), cross main rd and make a smooth turn to the right onto a quiet rd (note building "Tow Quay Wharf" is now on your left)

68.5 km: After narrow bridges, join pavement on left side of the rd (Highbridge Rd), after zebra crossing turn left onto the ramp, up the walking and cycling viaduct over the Northern Circular Road

69.0 km: After bridge, take 1st path to the right (leading under the electricity power lines)

69.6 km: At give way jct, turn left (Folkestone Rd)

70.1 km: At T-jct, turn left (Gooseley Ln), at end of rd, turn right onto cycle path

70.3 km: Cross main rd via bridge with ramps, at other side turn left via cycle path (CS3, to Barking)

70.9 km: Before tunnel, take 1st cycle path to the right (NCN 13)

71.1 km: At jct with lhts, cross main rd straight on, continue on cycle path (to Super Store, NCN 13)

71.4 km: At entrance to Retail Park, keep straight on via cycle path

71.6 km: At junction of cycle paths, make a smooth left turn (NCN 13)

72.1 km: At cycle path rndabt, make a smooth left turn (NCN 13), at next jct of cycle paths, again a smooth left turn (but now ignore sign NCN 13!)

72.5 km: After rd "Oxleas" (on right), before viaduct, turn right via cycle path; you are now rejoining the route in the book (see 73.4 km on page 53; the new route is 900m shorter)

Route 6: Woolwich - London Bridge:

7.0 km (page 54/55): The Riverside path to Greenwich is now fully open to cyclists, although the quality of the path is not great and you can easily loose your bearings here. Due to the great many new developments, the situation keeps changing, with often temporary diversions in place. GPS-tracks pack V4 shows the situation as of May 2017. You can choose to stay on the Riverside path all the way to Greenwich. For the Greenwich Park Route you have to leave the Riverside Path though. As of May 2017, this choice needs to be made at the junction of Christchurch Wy and Mauritius Rd. From here, follow the signs towards Blackwall Point (NCN 1), at T-jct turn right onto main rd with wide bus lane, at major jct with lhts straight on onto Van Burgh Hill (see 8.6 km in guidebook). Whatever the route is you choose, ensure to end up at Greenwich Pier (next to Cutty Sark ship), so you can continue on page 56 without any problems.

Route 7: London Bridge - Kingston:

1.0 km: Road lay-out has changed: At T-jct, still make the smooth right turn (Sumner St, NCN 4), after entrance Tate Modern, turn right (NCN 4)

1.4 km: Road lay-out has changed: Follow bend to the left (Hopton St, NCN 4)

1.7 km: We have created a new route between Blackfrairs Road and Kensington Gardens (Hyde Park) via London's new truly spectacular Cycling Super Highways. GPS-tracks pack V-4 (release date 25 May 2017) uses this improved route (it is also still possible to use the old route as shown in the guidebook):

1.7 km: At jct with lhts, turn right, but via cycle path on left side of Blackfriars Rd (NCN 4), at next lhts straight on via cycle path (CS6, ignore signs NCN 4; follow the cycle path onto Blackfriars Bridge!)

2.1 km: After Blackfriars Bridge, take 1st cycle path left (CS3, to Westminster), follow the riverside cycle path all the way

4.3 km: At end of path, at jct with lhts at Big Ben, turn right via cycle path on left side of main rd (CS3, to Hyde Park)

4.5 km: At Parliament Square, keep straight on via cycle path crossings, you'll end up on a cycle path on the right side of the road (George St)

4.7 km: At next jct with lhts, turn right onto wide road (Horseguard Parade, Churchill War Rooms on your right)

5.3 km: At T-jct, cross main rd (use pedestrian lights as needed), then turn left via wide lay-by rd (is a cycle path, The Mall)

6.1 km: At Buckingham Palace, keep following the shared cycle and walking path on the right side of the main rd (Constitution Hill)

6.8 km: At lhts, cross rd onto wide path leading to Wellington Arch

7.0 km: After Wellington Arch, at next lhts, cross rd, but keep smooth to the right, so you can make your way through the gates into Hyde Park, after the gates, at next lhts, cross rd and turn immediately left, cycle path on right side of the rd (CS3)

8.6 km: Follow the cycle path smooth to the right, next to park building, then after 100, turn right onto cycle path on right side of rd

8.7 km: At speed bump on cycle path, you arrive at the end of the new route. You are now on page 60, after 7.6 km the new route is 1.1 km longer). For Paddington Station, go straight on the cycle path on the right side of the rd (see page 20), for the route westbound out of London, cross the road to the left and join the wide cycle path into Hyde Park where you are allowed to cycle, see page 60. 

13.9 km: The 3 steps at the entrance into Bishop's Park have been replaced by a smooth tarmac gradient; good access for all!

Route 8: Kingston - Windsor & Eton:

10.2 km: This steep climb to Runnymede Air Forces Memorial is on a rough gravel track, poorly maintained. We received lots of complaints about this short 200m section, but is unfortunately an essential link in the route, also part of the National Cycle Network. If staying in the Thames Valley, you'd end up cycling on busy main roads without pavements for a considerable distance. This short route section is the only way to get you traffic-calmed into stunning Windsor Park. We have written to Sustrans and the local authority to flag up the issue.  

Route 9: Windsor & Eton - Reading:

5.7 km: Please note: The large information sign of the Rowing Centre next to the car park is no more. Also, the grass path is now replaced by tarmac; don't miss the turn! If you pass the small white guard's cabin on the right side of the road, you have gone too far!   

19.5 km: Do you use the guidebook route on-road via Warren Row or do you follow official route 4 via the gravel path over Bowsey Hill? To help you making up your mind; the gravel route via Bowsey Hill is similar to the climb to Runnymede Air Forces Memorial (see remarks above); same type of gravel path, similar gradients, but better surface and a longer climb then at Runnymede. The on-road route via Warren Row is by no means flat, but much easier to accomplish, as it guides you around Bowsey Hill and not over its summit. Both routes have their own scenic appeal; the choice is yours!

Route 10: Reading - Great Bedwyn:

0.3 km: A new section of tow path has been opened to cycling. At the end of the path through main shopping area, do not turn left as in the guidebook, but turn right onto the bridge (Canal Street) and turn immediately left onto the tow path on the north side of the canal. This route is now officially signposted as route 4. It will take you to the way point after 2.3 km; simply go through the tunnel under the viaduct and follow the tarmac cycle path as listed in the directions of this way point. Note the GPS-tracks still feature the old route in the guidebook! 

36.8 km: This junction keeps causing a debate among our guidebook users. The official route 4 turns left here, to make its way to Kintbury on-road, but via a steep climb up out of the valley, then descending back down into Kintbury. We selected this route for the original Dutch guidebook, but received various comments from cyclists who preferred to stay on the flat towpath to Kintbury (which is also signposted). This was reason for us to select the towpath route for the English edition guidebook, but having visited the towpath again recently, it made us think again. The towpath to Kintbury has some poor sections. It is very narrow and has poor surface in places, also with overhanging bushes, not making an easy ride. We estimate both routes take about the same time to cycle and feel the choice should be yours. If you choose for the on-road route (which is not in the guidebook) turn left over the bridge and follow the road and route 4 signs to Kintbury. You'll then rejoin the guidebook route after 40.8 km.    

Route 11B: Great Bedwyn - Alton Priors via Stonehenge:

32.3 km: It is now possible to avoid the hazardous road with the blind summit south bound to Amesbury. At the cross rds, turn left into High Street of Bulford. After 50m, turn right, walk bikes up the steps (bike channel available!) onto new cycle path on the east side of the hazardous road southbound. The path ends at the roundabout after 33.4 km, where you can make the crossing to the other side of the road. On your return journey, don't forget to use this cycle path again!

Stonehenge has finally become a better place to visit. As EOS Cycling Holidays, we were the only entity who requested a better access route for those wishing Stonehenge by bicycle or foot during the consultation process of all changes. Unfortunately, current improvements still mostly cater for those arriving by car; the new visitor centre  and its transit system from the car park to the circle can be accessed via hazardous main roads only, a couple of miles to the west. This location is completely out of reach by bike/foot from the old direct access route from Amesbury. Those who wish to visit Stonehenge as part of the London-Lands End Cycle Route Book, are strongly advised to book accommodation in Amesbury in advance and to walk/cycle to Stonehenge as a separate journey (leaving luggage behind in the Amesbury accommodation).

For a long visit with a walk on the surrounding lands, we recommend to walk/cycle via Old Stonehenge Road as displayed in the guidebook on page 84. At waypoint 37.4 km, turn to page 81 (walking at Stonehenge) and use the first suggested crossing point across the A303 (opposite woodland, where road merges from dual carriageway into two lanes only; this allows you to temporarily shelter in the grass in the middle of the road). Once safely across the A303 (!), start the walk as displayed on the map on page 81. If you brought bikes, lock these up against the fencing at the start of this footpath. You can then walk the route as provided, but be aware that the entrance to Stonehenge, as displayed on the map, has been removed. The new visitor centre is further to the west and you'll find you have free access to the Stonehenge circle when arriving on foot, unless a ticket inspector is present at the entrance gate. If you need to make your way to the visitor centre to buy tickets and/or to purchase the audio tour, you can use the new "transit system" from the bus stop near the stones. Explain your special situation to the bus driver and he/she will hopefully let you on without the official ticket. Once you finished your official visit, we advise you now NOT to use the A344 as displayed in the book (which has been turned into grass), but to use the public footpath following the course of "The Avenue", see map on page 81. This takes you back to the start of the walk, allowing you to unlock bikes (if you brought these) and to walk/cycle back to Amesbury as displayed in the book. The total walking circuit when/starting ending in Amesbury takes 2-3 hours to complete. When cycling from Amesbury to the suggested bike parking point (15 minutes one way), the circular walk from there will take 1-1.5 hours to complete. These timings don't include an official visit to Stonehenge.

If you prefer a short visit, you can also cycle to Stonehenge as shown on page 84 of the guidebook. Note you'll only be able to cycle up to the A303 road crossing after 38.4 km. You could choose to walk across the A303 here (!) and lock up the bikes against the new fence where the A344 used to start. There is a gate in the fence, allowing you to walk up the grass course of the former A344 to Stonehenge. When you walked halfway up the wide grass bank, you'll see another gate in the fence on your right. Go through this gate and turn left, continue walking parallel to the former A344 until you get to the entrance of the site (about a five minute walk from where you parked the bikes). You'll find you have free access to the Stonehenge circle when arriving on foot, unless a ticket inspector is present at the entrance gate. If you need to make your way to the visitor centre to buy tickets and/or to purchase the audio tour, you can use the new "transit system" from the bus stop near the stones. Explain your special situation to the bus driver and he/she will hopefully let you on without the official ticket. At the end of your visit, go the same way back as you came.

Route 12: Alton Priors - Bath:

12.8 km: The directions in the book might be confusing at this point. You have to stay on the upper towpath here, ending on the road, so you can turn right onto bridge no 140.

39.7 km: The opening of the Two Tunnels Greenway with some of the longest railway tunnels in the UK open to cycling happened simultaneously with the publication of our book and couldn't be included in the book. It is nevertheless a great route, offering a spectacular alternative for the tow path route from Bradford on Avon to Bath. This is how you get to the tunnels:

39.7 km: After Dundas Aqueduct turn imm left via Cycle Path (to Radstock, 24(Note you leave the guide book route here, see page 89!)

40.2 km: At end car park Dundas Visitor Centre, just before T-jct main rd, turn right (to Radstock, 24)

40.9 km: At The Knights Sports Centre turn right via steep gravel slope, dismount for the last narrow tarmac section

41.1 km: Ep left, resume cycling on rd (24)

41.4 km: Follow through rd with various bends past the Wheelwrights Arms pub 

41.6 km: 1st through rd left (Tucking Mill Ln, 24)

43.1 km: In climb, first cycle path right and immediately right via cycle path (Two Tunnels Greenway, to Bath, 244)

44.1 km: Start Tunnel 1 (total length: 1.6 km / one mile! )

46.4 km: Start Tunnel 2 (total length: 0.3 km), follow Greenway route to end, descending into Bath

48.4 km: At end of path right and imm left via rd (244)

48.5 km: Imm after bridge, first path left, becomes rd (244)

48.7 km: At T-jct right and next T-jct left (main rd, 244)

48.8 km: Take care; difficult right turn; 1st rd to the right, becomes cycle path, 244)

49.0 km: After river bridge make a U-turn through grass to towpath of route (4). This is the same point as the turn off for Newton Mill Caravan Park after 51.1 km (see the start of the dotted route from the main route to "H" on map page 91 of the guidebook).

The route via the tunnels is 2.1 kms shorter as the towpath route as displayed in the guidebook. By using the tunnels route you have bypassed Bath City Centre though. To experience Bath, head east to the City Centre, following the signposted route 4. After another 2.1 km you'll find yourself on a square with the New Theatre Royal, which is the same point as after 48.6 km in the guidebook (see page 91). You can then use the guidebook route to head west again, but now via our own route via the Jane Austen Museum and the Royal Crescent.    

Route 14: Bristol- Cheddar: 

16.4 km: From here, this route section is now signposted as  route 334.

17.4 km: From here, this route section is now signposted as route 410.

26.8 km: Ignore route 410 from this point and follow our guidebook route (turn right to Walton). If you keep following route 410 you'll bypass the beautiful Clevedon Sea Front route all together and you won't rejoin the guidebook route until arrival in Yatton. We don't know how well signposted this route 410 to Yatton is and strongly advise you to use our route, despite the short main road section starting at this junction.

Route 15: Cheddar - Taunton: 

19.3 km: Ensure you take the second road to the right after the bridge over the canal. This junction is not signposted, except the sign "road liable to subsidence" after 100 m. Do not take the first road to the right towards Bridgwater!

40.3 km: Due to the construction of a new bridge across the canal, the towpath is temporary closed between Bridgwater and Huntworth. As usual, local authorities do not provide an acceptable diversion route, even on the National Cycle Network. Our suggested diversion: do not turn onto towpath but continue straight on. At T-jct turn right, then left onto main rd Taunton Rd (A38); use footpaths. Then take 3rd rd to the right (Rhode Lane). Keep straight on, all the way out of town. At end of rd left to North Petherton. Again, at end of rd left to North Petherton. In North Petherton, use the map on page 103 to return to the towpath via North Newton. 


Route 16: Taunton - Dulverton:

1.6 km: Ignore route at entrance of the super store, as the guidebook route takes you by a more pleasant park route.

Route 19: Sheepwash-Plymouth:

30.4 km: The new section of the Granite Way, displayed in the guidebook as "future route" is now open. Simply follow route 27 signs straight on at this point. You'll rejoin the guidebook route after 35.5 km; simply cross the road and go straight on. The new route is exactly 3 km shorter and saves you the journey via Bridestowe and the climb out of this valley to rejoin the Granite Way. It is still worth to cycle the "old route" for the local services (Bed & Breakfasts, camp site, village shop and pubs).

46.1 km: The second road to the left in the descent is now signposted as NCN 327. Where we write "2nd rd", we mean, turn imm left after the 1st rd to the left. These two roads are only about 50m apart!

52.3 km: The Tavistock Bypass route is now signposted as NCN 270

65.3 km: You can now also make the left turn on the road down hill (row of houses on horizon) and follow the signposted route NCN 27. The right turn, further down hill this road, onto the railway path of the Plym Valley Way, used to be on a steep slope with rocky surface, only suitable for hardcore mountain-biking. We understand that this link has now been properly surfaced. If you use this new route, you'll rejoin the guidebook route after 66.7 km. The new route is slightly longer and avoids a steep descent on the country lane to Goodameavy with its hazardous cattle grid...  

82.0 km: The path over the locks is closed for repairs. You'll have to make your way around Barbican Harbour; follow the path with ramp down directly next to the Aquarium and keep left as much as possible, using the paths available around the Harbour until you get to other side of the locks (near the Mayflower Steps and Plymouth Tourist Information)

Route 22: Blisland - Newquay:

27.4 km: The route in the guidebook between Prideaux Place and Rumford is now signposted as NCN 323.


We understand some riders are calling at en-route campsites which are not listed in our facility listings, for example if these show on other sources such as Google Maps, etc. Please note various campsites have restrictions, such as "members only", "caravans only" or "minimum of two nights or more". The campings in our facility listings do NOT have such restrictions. If you plan to stay on a campsite NOT listed in our guidebook, please be very weary and call ahead to avoid disappointments!

We endevour to check all listings in the guidebook annually either on-line or by phone. Occassionally, it happens that a venue found closed by us reopens a year later (for example under a new name or with new management). If you find a venue listed as closed below while it has reopened, we'd love to hear from you

Route 1: Dover-Canterbury:

0.9 km: Victoria Guest House and Cleveland Guest House in Dover closed

0.9 km: Churchill House has a new website:

12.0 km: Hardicot House in Kingsdown closed

15.9 km: BeachBrow Hotel in Deal has been renamed to Waterfront Hotel, phone number remains the same, new website on its way. Their email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15.9 km: Clarendon Hotel in Deal closed  

16.3 km: Curwens Cycle Repairs in Deal has a new website:

24.0 km: White Rose Lodge in Sandwich closed  

41.9 km: Gate Lodge Cottage B&B in Stodmarsh closed

Route 2: Canterbury - Rochester:

0.5 km: Heritage Museum in Canterbury closed

0.8 km: Westgate Towers Museum in Canterbury closed

3.0 km: Neals Place Farm in Canterbury closed

12.1 km: Primrose Cottage Caravan Park has a new website:

26.5 km: Gladstone House B&B in Faversham has a new website:

26.6 km: Swan & Harlequin B&B in Faversham closed

27.6 km: Holly Cottage B&B in Faversham closed

27.6 km: Painters Farm Campsite in Faversham has a new website:

31.3 km: Riffleman Cottage B&B in Luddenham closed

43.4 km: The Red Lion pub in Stodmarsh is offering B&B accommodation from Easter 2016: phone: 01227 721339, CT3 4BA,

44.4 km: The pub in Kemsley is closed

55.7 km: The pub in Rainham is closed

63.8 km: Mayfield B&B and The Balmoral in Gillingham are closed

65.3 km: Ramada Encore in Chatham has a new website:

70.3 km: Grayling House Hotel in Rochester is closed

Route 3: Rochester - Woolwich:

9.5 km: The pub in Lower Higham is closed

9.5 km: Gardeners Arms in Higham has a new website:

17.1 km: Gravesend Visitor Centre in Gravesend is closed

51.3 km: Royal Artillery Museum (The Arsenal) in Woolwich is closed

52.0 km: Harry Perry Cycles in Woolwich has a new website:

Route 4: Harwich - Maldon:

0.9 km: The Hive B&B in Harwich is closed

2.8 km: Dudley House B&B and the Tourist Information Centre in Harwich are closed

4.0 km: Tudor Rose B&B in Harwich closed

7.6 km: The full website name of The Castle Inn in Ramsey is

16.6 km: The Strangers Home Inn has a website:

19.9 km: The Fat Goose pub is closed

25.0 km: The Old Courthouse Inn is renamed to The Bromley Courthouse, new website:

27.6 km: The pub in Elmstead Market is closed

41.2 km: Corner House B&B in Colchester is renamed and has moved down the street. It is now called Baye House, 62 West Stockwell St, CO1 1HE, phone number remains the same; new website:

41.6 km: Old Manse B&BRoman Cottage B&B and Parkhouse B&B in Colchester are all closed

41. 6 km: George Hotel in Colchester has new phone number 01206 578494 and a new website:

42.8 km: Tarquins Guest House in Colchester is now run by same people who run next-doors Four Sevens Guest House, use 01206 546093 or the Four Sevens website to be in touch.

69.1 km: Opera in the Orchard (Bouncers Farm) is closed. 

70.1 km: Aldborourgh Hall Farm Campsite is not listed in our guidebook and not without reasons. It is a members-only site for caravans; do NOT call here! See general comment at top.

Route 5: Maldon - Woolwich:

0.0 km: The Swan Hotel in Maldon has a new website:

0.0 km: Some further B&Bs in Maldon are Limes Guesthouse, 21 Market Hill, CM9 4PZ, 01621 850350, (go into High St, at mini rndabt left) and The Bell Guesthouse, 2 Silver St, CM9 4QE, 01621 843208, (go into High Street, 1st rd left). 

29.9 km: Woolpack Bistro in Ingatestone is closed

53.0 km: Use Ottleys B&B only if you don't have alternatives. The accommodation is well away from the main route and only listed because of the limited choice of accommodation in this area. Various guidebook users have reported poor customer service, poor breakfast and noisy evenings.  

66.9 km: Barking Park Hotel has a new phone number: 020 36960215 and a new website:

Route 6: Woolwich - London Bridge:

1.8 km: Do not expect high standards at The White Horse B&B. It is just a pub with some budget rooms. It is listed for its location on the route and lack of alternatives in the vicinity. 

6.7 km: A pleasant break from the cycling, not mentioned in the guidebook, is The Brunel Museum on the left side of the road here. The Museum features displays about England's famous engineer and the very first tunnel under the River Thames.

7.4 km: Robinsons Cycles in Rotherhite is closed

9.4 km: The London Dungeons have moved from London Bridge station to the County Hall, the first building after the London Eye on route 7 after 3.1 km.

9.4 km: On Your Bike has moved from London Bridge station to The Vaults, Montague Close, SE1 9DA. From the main exit of London Bridge station, follow route 7 in the guidebook for 200 m (see page 59). After passing under the viaduct over the road, you'll find the bike rental at the end of a narrow alley way on the left hand side of the road.

Route 7: London Bridge - Kingston:

3.9 km: Action Bikes in Westminster (Victoria) has a new website:

8.9 km: Website of Clearlake Hotel in Kensington has been replaced by a chain's website with no clear booking option for the Clearlake. To make a reservation at this hotel, it is probably easiest to make a phone call.

11.1 km: Earls Court Exhibition Centre closed

12.5 km: Days Cycles in Fulham closed

15.7 km: Holdsworth Cycles in Fulham closed

15.8 km: The Kings Head is renamed The Duke's Head

28.5 km: The website of Malara Cottage in Kingston is down, but this B&B seems to be open for business

Route 8: Kingston - Windsor & Eton:

0.3 km: Sigma Sport is a new bike repair shop opposite The Foresters B&B in Hampton Wick: St Johns Place, 37-43 High St, KT1 4DA, phone 020 86149777,

4.9 km: Houseboat Riverine in Hampton Court closed

10.7 km: The Weir pub in Walton on Thames is now also a hotel offering accommodation: The Weir Hotel, Waterside Drive, KT12 2JB, ( Some cyclists have reported poor service though (dirty, smelly rooms and unfriendly staff) 

12.9 km: East St Cycles in Walton on Thames has a new website:

19.1 km: Birdie Bikes in Chertsey has a new website: 

6.3 km: The Bike Company is Staines closed

6.5 km: Jolly Farmer in Staines closed

22.1 km: 3 York Road B&B in Windsor closed

22.4 km: Alma House in Windsor has a new website:

22.4 km: Clarence Hotel in Windsor closed

22.4 km: A new B&B in Windsor is Langton House, 46 Alma Rd, SL4 3HA, see route Alma House for directions, phone 01753 858299, website:

Route 9: Windsor & Eton - Reading:

6.4 km: Amerden Caravan Park in Maidenhead will be closed during 2019 and has a new website:

9.3 km: The website of Braywick Grange B&B in Bray is down, but seems to be open for business

10.7 km: Clifton Guest House and DNA Cycles in Maidenhead closed

22.1 km: The Snooty Fox in Warren Row closed. There is now a cycling cafe and repair shop at this site: Velolife, phone 01628 290780

28.5 km: Aptly named Somewhere to Stay, near Twyford, could be a useful overnight stop, directly on the route into Reading, but a hazardous crossing is required to get from the cycle path alongside the A4 to the slightly hidden driveway of this B&B (100m beyond the Wargrave & Twyford roundabout) : Loddon Acres, A4 Bath Road, RG10 9RU, 01189 345880

36.3 km: Ben Breakdown Service in Reading closed 

37.9 km: Great Expectations Hotel in Reading has a new website:

Route 10: Reading - Great Bedwyn:

1.2 km: Arch Guest House and Avenue Roses Guest House in Reading closed

16.5 km: The pub in Aldermaston is closed

19.9 km: The Paddock B&B in Upper Woolhampton closed

21.3 km: Eastfield B&B in Midgham closed

29.0 km: The Limes Guest House in Newbury closed

31.6 km: Banjo Cycles in Newbury has moved to 4-5 Norman House, Hambridge Rd, RG14 5XA

31.6 km: Supernova Cycles in Newbury closed

46.0 km: Wilton House B&B and Clevedon House B&B in Hungerford are closed

50.7 km: Just off the route, you'll find the Pelican Inn in Froxfield (Bath Rd, SN8 3JY, 01488 682479) a good alternative for all closed accommdations in this area. At the T-jct, turn right (not left) and keep going for 200. At the T-jct of the A4 turn left (use footpath as needed). The Pelican Inn with B&B accommodation is just on your left after 100m. 

Route 11A: Great Bedwyn - Alton Priors via Avebury:

12.5 km: Visitor Information Centre in Marlborough is closed.

12.5 km: Bertie Maffoons in Marlborough has moved to 1 Glympton Ct, Blenheim Rd, SN8 4AL and also has a website now:

12.5 km: The Merlin Hotel in Marlborough can't provide any secure overnight bike parking; if staying here, you'll have to lock up bikes in the high street

12.5 km: Sun Inn B&B in Marlborough is renamed The Marlborough with a new website:

12.5 km: A new B&B you can check out in Marlborough is the Lamb Inn,  5 The Parade, SN8 1NE, 01672 512668 

14.9 km: Beech Hill B&B in Marlborough is closed

Route 11B: Great Bedwyn - Alton Priors via Stonehenge:

0.2 km: The Cross Keys in Great Bedwyn is closed

12.7 km: The Shears Inn in Collingbourne Ducis has a new website:

18.0 km: The Crown pub is closed

21.0 km: The website of Puckshipton House in Woodborough is down, but seems to be open for business

21.4 km: The Seven Stars Inn in Woodborough has a new website:

25.5 km: The Old Post Office B&B in Netheravon is closed

32.3 km: The Dovecote B&B in Bulford is closed

12.9 km: The George Hotel in Amesbury has a new website: 

16.5 km: Antelope Inn in Upavon now offers B&B accommodation: 3 High St, SN9 6EA,

21.4 km: The Seven Stars Inn in Woodborough has a new website:

24.5 km: Well Cottage B&B in Honey Street has a new phone number: 01672 851655; alternatively try 07880 785895.

24.8 km: Barge Inn in Honey Street is under new management and its campsite is currently closed

Route 12: Alton Priors - Bath:

12.8 km: The Wiltshire Heritage Museum in Devizes' town centre is not mentioned in the guidebook, but worth a visit.

14.2 km: The Gables B&B in Devizes is closed

18.6 km: At the end of Spout Lane, there is now also pub The Three Magpies providing campsite facilities, at a better price than at Devizes Camping Club. Use same directions as for this campsite, but continue to the north end of Spout Lane. You''ll find The Three Magpies on the left of the junction with the main road: phone: 01380 828389.

32.8 km: The Tourist Information Centre in Bradford on Avon closed

32.8 km: Clifton House B&B in Bradford on Avon closed

35.1 km: Cross Guns is now a pub only; no accommodation!

51.1 km: Newton Mill Caravan Park in Bath closed

51.5 km: Pub The Dolphin has been renamed to Locksbrook Inn, see

Route 13: Bath - Bristol:

11.5 km: Webbs of Warmley has moved to Bath Road, Bitton, Bristol, BS30 6EE. On route 13, at Bitton Station after 7.8 km, keep right to leave the car park and turn right via main road. Beyond the tunnel under the railway you'll find the bike shop on the left in Jarrets Garden Centre. 

11.5 km: Ferndale Guesthouse in Warmley has a new website: 

Route 14: Bristol- Cheddar:

28.9 km: Highcliffe Hotel in Clevedon closed

29.5 km: Bike Style in Clevedon has a new website:

36.6 km: Note Bullock Farm Campsite also has a cafe on-site: The Lambing Shed, adjacent to a fishing lake. This is not the same cafe as the Fishing Lakes Cafe mentioned in the directions after 45.0 km, which is another cafe. If you want to do camping in this area, please call at Bullock Farm because:

43.6 km Oak Farm Touring Park sent us a letter stating they do not want to be listed in our guidebook. Please do not call here and call at Bullock Farm Campsite instead! 

54.4 km: Another B&B in Axbridge: Old Manor House, Cross Ln, BS26 2ED, 01934 709542,; to get there, at T-jct right via rd 

54.5 km: Compton House in Axbridge has a new website:

55.6 km: Reservoir View Hotel in Axbridge has a new website:

55.7 km: Strawberry Line B&B in Axbridge closed

58.8 km: Cox’s Mill Hotel and Visitor Information Centre in Cheddar closed. Holly Keane of Cafe Gorge can provide you with all the local information you need and also has delicious food on offer, with views over the Gorge! 

Route 15: Cheddar-Taunton:

13.3 km: Camping on a working farm near Wedmore is now possible at Whatly Farm. This site has basic facilities only (drinking water, compost toilet and solar shower. Costs are £ 5 per person per night. Home grown vegetables and fresh eggs can be purchased when available, phone: 07977594282 or 07870558608. You'll get there by going straight on at the junction after 13.3 km (Wells Way), than taking the first road left, which will take you towards Wedmore (becoming Plud Street). You'll find the farm on your right before entering the village (approximately 1 km from the main route).   

26.9 km: Fairways Caravan Park in Woolavington is no longer open for camping with tents; caravans only.

30.9 km: New cyclists-friendly campsite in the approach to Chedzoy and Bridgwater: It is called The Hideout (Flitchetts Farm, Stawell Road, Stawell, TA7 9AU, 01278 723677). At end of cycle path, turn left onto road (bridge over canal) and take the first road on your left into Stawell. Follow the road through Stawell village, you'll find the campsite on the left hand side of the road just beyond Stawell (approximately 2 km from our main route).

32.3 km: Apple View B&B in Chedzoy has a new website:

39.7 km: Admirals Rest in Bridgwater closed

57.5 km: A small campsite, handy located in the approach to Taunton, is Tanpits Cider Farm. The campsite has lots of character due to its fruit orchard location and its roaming chicken. Note this site might not for everyone due to its basic facilities: Dyers Lane, Bathpool, TA2 8BZ, 01823 974845, website: Turn right at canal foot/cycle bridge at sign "Taunton 3 miles" (see also cycle route sign to Monkton and Heathfield), the campsite is on the right side of the canal after 150 m.

Route 16: Taunton - Dulverton:

0.7 km: Six Cycles in Taunton closed   

0.8 km: Ralph Colman Cycles in Taunton has a new website:

1.3 km: The website of Acorn Lodge in Taunton is down, but the B&B seems to be open for business

3.7 km: The Old Mill B&B in Bishops Hull and the pub are closed  

6.5 km: Allerford Inn restaurant closed    

22.6 km: Gamlins Farm Caravan & Camping Park closed

24.1 km: Tracebridge Cottage is a new B&B in Tracebridge, Appley. Go straight on for 300 m at the Appley Junction, 01823 672835.

Route 17: Dulverton-Barnstaple: 

0.1 km on route A: Recommended new B&B accommodation in Dulverton: Tongdam Thai restaurant, 26 High Street, TA22 9DJ, 01398-323397.

11.4 km on route A: New budget bunkhouse on Exmoor: Blindwell Bunkhouse, Blindwell, Twitchen, Sandyway, EX36 3LT, 01598 740246. At the junction after 11.4 km straight on and at next junction right, downhill towards Twitchen. If you follow route B, you can also access the bunkhouse once routes 17A and 17B have rejoined. At junction after 1.9 km on the rejoined routes, left and straight on, down to Twitchen. 

20.9 km: The pub in Bratton Fleming is closed, the small village shop remains open

20.9 km: Bracken House (Bratton Fleming, EX31 4TG, 01598 711810) is another B&B in Bratton Fleming (0.3 km; via rd downhill, just before church left via steep path down).

36.0 km: Sunnymead B&B in Barnstaple is closed. Poplars B&B is a new B&B in this area. To get there, take the second uphill ramp on your left side to get off the main cycle path (after 36.3 km). At the end of the path, turn right onto the road, the B&B is just across the bridge (10 Rumsam Road, EX32 9EW, 01271 378773).

38.2 km: Royal & Fortescue Hotel in Barnstaple has a new website:

39.2 km: Bike It in Barnstaple has moved next to the "Bike Shed" (see "D" on map page 111, after 38.2 km).

39.4 km: Chivenor Caravan Park nar Barnstaple is closed

40.1 km: Another convenient B&B close to Barnstaple's town centre, but very rural on the lane towards Lake village is Herton Guesthouse, Lake Hill, EX31 3HS, phone 01271 323302. To get there, follow the cycle route signs to the railway station. After two subways around the big roundabout, turn right to Sticklepath via cycle path next to bus lane, after cycling under high viaduct left, at end of bus lane/cycle path onto country lane...

Route 18: Barnstaple-Sheepwash:

9.4 km: Wayfarer Inn in Instow is closed, but may reopen under new management

16.4 km: Riversford Hotel in Bideford closed

19.3 km: Manorville Hostel in Westward Ho closed

19.5 km: Penkenna House B&B and Brockenhurst B&B in Westward Ho closed

8.4 km: The Globe Hotel in  Great Torrington closed

8.4 km: Eastmond House in Great Torrington has new website:

8.4 km: Torrington 1646 Museum is now closed for individual visits. It is only open for groups and by appointment only.

15.6 km: Yarde Orchard no longer offers camping, bunkhouse accommodation and/or yurt tent hire. Only the cafe remains open (Tuesday-Sunday, from 10 am until 4 pm).

22.0 km: The Laurels pub in Petrockstowe now also offers B&B accommodation: £80 for a double room, call 01837 810578 (no website, you'll find the pub after 500m from the main route (so not 200m as suggested in the guidebook)

Route 19: Sheepwash-Plymouth: 

7.2 km: Raymont House B&B in Hatherleigh closed

7.3 km: Tops B&B in Hatherleigh closed

20.8 km: Visitor Information Centre in Okehampton closed

20.8 km: The Fountain Inn in Okehampton has a new website: 

20.8 km: The White Hart Hotel in Okehampton has a new phone number: 01837 658533 and a new website:

21.2 km: Capella B&B and Number 59 B&B in Okehampton closed

27.4 km: Handy in case of a breakdown or if you want to rent bikes on the Granite Way: Devon Cycle Hire, Sourton Down, EX20 4HR, 01837 86114. You'll see this hire from the trail, next to Bundu Camping Park. 

31.2 km: Bearslake Inn now also offers top-range B&B-accommodation: 01837 861334, 

32.3 km: Glebe Camping & Holiday Park near Bridestowe has a new website:

32.9 km: Royal Oak House in Bridestowe closed

37.5 km: Lydford Country House in Lydford has a new website:

38.0 km: We missed out the campsite in Lydford when compiling our listings: Lydford Caravan and Camping Park, EX20 4BE, 01822 820497, see sign in Lydford's High Street (100m from the main route)

38.3 km: Castle Inn pub in Lydford (next to the castle) now also offers reasonable B&B accommodation:, 01822  820242 

40.5 km: Mallard House near Lydford closed

52.8 km: Tavistock Inn in Tavistock no longer offers accommodation; food and drinks only!

52.8 km: Kingfisher Cottage in Tavistock has a new website:

54.9 km: Valley View Farm just beyond Tavistock closed

61.6 km: A new bike shop in Yelverton is RockinBikes (Leg O Mutton Corner, PL20 6DJ, 01822 258222); turn left at the road crossing towards the pub and the shop; the bike shop is on the same street

61.9 km: Old Diary B&B in Yelverton is closed

82.2 km: Plymouth has a new trendy bicycle repair shop with cafe right next to Barbican Harbour: Rockets and Rascals (7 Parade, Plymouth, PL1 2JL, 01752 221295)

83.5 km: Osmond Guesthouse in Plymouth closed

84.5 km: Another luxury B&B on the famous Citadel Road in Plymouth, previously not listed in the book: Citadel House Hotel, 55 Citadel Rd, PL1 3AU,

86.1 km: Cogs Bikes in Plymouth has moved away from the city centre, well away from our routes. If you need a bike repair shop in Plymouth, we recommend Rockets and Rascals (see above after 82.2 km)

Route 20: Sheepwash-Crackington:

18.1 km: Kings Arms Hotel in Holsworthy has reopened under new management. Their new phone number is 01409 253416:

21.1 km: The pub in Pyworthy closed

31.2 km: Bullers Arms Hotel in Marhamchurch has a new website:

34.4 km: Bude Bike Hire (Pethericks Mill, Bude, EX23 8TF, 07749 408100) offers repairs with nice adjacent cafe overlooking the Bude Valley, so worth a visit on arrival in Bude. 

36.6 km: Upton Cross B&B near Bude has a new website: 

45.6 km: Bears and Boxes Guest House near St Gennys is closed

Route 21A: Crackington - Blisland via Tintagel:

4.8 km: Trevique has a new website:

21.4 km: Cornish Man Inn in Tintagel has a new website:

21.4 km: Ye Olde Malthouse in Tintagel has a new website:

26.5 km: The Poldark Inn near Delabole (Treligga Downs, PL33 9DQ, 01840 212565) now also offers accommodation:

29.3 km: Paths End B&B in St Teath has a new website:

37.8 km: The Snails Pace Cafe is a solar-powered cafe and cycle hire at the start of the Camel Trail, 1 km up the trail from where you join the trail at the Blisland picnic area. Turn north (left) for 1 km on the trail from the Blisland picnic area to find it: Wenford Bridge Car Park, PL30 3PN, 01208 851178 

Route 21B: Crackington - Blisland via Bodmin Moor:

11.1 km: The website of Wilsey Down Hotel in Hallworthy is down, but it is open for business

21.8 km: The website of Warmington House in Camelford is down, but seems to be open for business

33.3 km: The Snails Pace Cafe is a solar-powered cafe and cycle hire at the start of the Camel Trail, at the end of the descent from St Breward: Wenford Bridge Car Park, PL30 3PN, 01208 851178 

Route 22: Blisland - Newquay:

19.0 km: If you happened to have a breakdown on the Camel Trail in Wadebridge you'll find four local bike rentals of which hopefully at least one will be happy to put you back on track:

Bike Smart Cycle Hire, Eddystone Road, PL27 7AL, 01208 814545

Bridge Bike Hire, Eddystone Road, PL27 7AL, 01208 813050

Camel Trail Cycle Hire, Eddystone Road, PL27 7AL, 01208 814104

Go by Cycle, Eddystone Road, PL27 7AL, 07950 774067

25.6 km: Dennis Cove Camping in Padstow has a new website: 

26.2 km: Another two bike rentals in Padstow on the far end of the Camel Trail:

Trail Bike Hire, 4-6 S Quay, PL28 8BL, 01841 532594

Padstow Cycle Hire, South Quay, PL28 8BL, 01841 533533

27.0 km: Tregea Hotel and Garslade Guesthouse in Padstow are closed

31.1 km: Padstow Surf School in Harlyn Bay has been replaced by the Harlyn Surf School at Higher Harlyn Caravan Park (on your right when cycling from Padstow, just before the descent into Harlyn Bay). 

31.1 km: Harlyn Inn in Harlyn Bay has a new website:

34.0 km: Treyarnon Bay Caravan & Camping Park has a new website:

37.2 km: Seagull Tourist Park has a new website:

37.7 km: Point Curlew has been renamed to Atlantic Bays Holiday Park

42.2 km: Music Water Touring Park has a new website:

48.0 km: The Cribbage Guest House in St Columb Major is closed

51.5 km: Wheel Lodge Country Hotel & Restaurant in Trebudannon is closed

61.0 km: Hotel Riviera in Newquay closed

61.0 km: The website of Mal Breakdown Service in Newquay is down, but seems to be open for business

61.7 km: Ideal Bikes and Boards in Newquay, has moved to 40 Edgecumbe Avenue, TR7 2NJ. This is a turn off from the main promenade, about 300m east of the railway station

62.3 km: Silverspray Lodge in Newquay is closed

65.7 km: Tir Chonaill Guest House in Newquay is closed

Route 23: Newquay - Penzance:

5.7 km: Village B&B in St Newlyn East has a new website:

34.0 km: Note St Day Holiday Park in St Day is open to adults only, no children!

39.1 km: Tre Vab Yowann B&B in Redruth is closed

44.1 km: MT Cycle Services in Camborne closed

44.6 km: Cherry Villa B&B in Camborne has a new website:

48.5 km: If you wish to contact Lavender Fields, phone this campsite: their email address is not working!

54.8 km: Tamarisk B&B in Hayle closed

55.1 KM: Cornubia Hotel in Hayle has a new website:

Route 24: Land's End Round Trip:

0.3 km: The Cycle Centre in Penzance has a new website:

0.8 km: The Dock Inn has a new website:

1.2 km: Lugger Hotel in Penzance has a new website:

1.2 km: Seawaves B&B in Penzance is closed

1.2 km: The website of The Corner House B&B is down, but seems to be open for business

5.7 km: Ship Inn in Mousehole has a new website:

5.7 km: Cornish Range Restaurants & Rooms is closed

25.5 km: Treeve Moor House B&B at Land's End has a new website:

27.6 km: Sunny Bank Hotel in Sennen has a new website:

33.1 km: It is also possible to do camping on the grounds of YHA Land's End near St Just.

38.2 km: Wellington Hotel in St Just has a new website:

51.1 km: Torre Vene Guest House in Penzance is closed 

51.1 km: Honeydew Guest House has a new website:

(last update: 1 January 2021)